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  • Don Hains is an industrial minerals economics and marketing specialist with more than 30 years experience in development, use and analysis of industrial minerals properties and materials
  • Has held product research and business development responsibilities with Fiberglas Canada Inc. and Domtar Construction Materials
  • Has been consulting in the field of industrial minerals markets and economics for the past 15 years
  • His education was Hons. B.A. (Chemistry) at Queen's University, Canada (1974) & MBA, (Finance and Marketing) Dalhousie University, Canada (1976)
  • Mr. Hains is an expert in the analysis of the geology and markets for industrial minerals and the economics of production for industrial minerals. He has conducted studies on a wide range of industrial minerals projects in Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. He is very familiar with trends in end use technologies for most major industrial minerals and specialty minerals, and in process technologies for beneficiation of industrial minerals and specialty metals.