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Looking to the Future 

Looking to the Future

Project Generator: A business model that is characteristic of companies that are able to weather difficult economic times and excel at delivering shareholder value during such crises.

The secret to a successful project generator model is nimble and opportunistic management who can identify undervalued projects and negotiate terms for their acquisition that are favourable to the company and its shareholders. We have a strong relationship and network with the financing community and the mineral exploration industry.

Our technical team generates exploration targets, performs early stage exploration to prove potential, then markets the properties to other companies that will fund exploration to earn an interest in the claims. The model shares exploration risk and significantly increases the chances of ore body discovery by exploring multiple properties, while maintaining the potential for a major increase in shareholder value. We are able to create a great pipeline and access to some very intriguing projects. With every acquisition, our chances for a major discovery improves dramatically.


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Albany Project

Zenyatta Ventures Limited is conducting exploration programs targeting nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), and platinum group metals (PGMs) on the Albany Project.  Zenyatta has identified a highly prospective "new frontier" containing a vast underexplored area called the Albany Project or "Arc of Fire" in the James Bay Lowlands. 

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Graphite Project

Graphite Project

Zenyatta Ventures Limited has discovered a Graphite Deposit in the Albany Project area during their 2011 Drill program. The graphite discovery is located 30km north of the Trans Canada Highway and approximately 4km from an all-weather road.


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