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Zenyatta’s Board of Directors Provides a Strategic Business Plan that Includes Organizational

Thunder Bay, ON – 27 March 2018 – Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. (“Zenyatta” or “Company”) (TSXV: ZEN) is
pleased to provide a summary strategic business plan and organizational change as a result of a
Board review under the guidance of Zenyatta’s Chairman, Keith Morrison. The plan also incorporated
feedback from numerous shareholders to our Chairman in the last few weeks.

Zenyatta is at an exciting and critical stage that will require funding, organizational change and
increased management capacity to allow for long-term, sustainable growth. Zenyatta’s mission
statement is to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality carbon and graphene, with
the following near-term (2018) strategic business objectives:

1.    Complete the Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) on the Albany deposit based on production
       of high-purity carbon (budget - $3.0M);
2.    Initiate a Scoping Study of Albany high-purity carbon conversion to graphene (budget -
3.    Initiate a Revenue Model Study on the development of a high-purity carbon conversion
       to graphene (budget - $0.5M); and,
4.    Recruit the necessary skill sets to manage Zenyatta along a path to achieve the
       strategic business plan. This will also include reorganizing our team and reallocating certain
       personnel for more effectiveness.

Keith Morrison, Chairman of Zenyatta commented, "In my brief time at Zenyatta, I have learned a lot
about the Albany project and talked with many passionate shareholders. We all agree that the
Company has a very compelling opportunity with a valuable nanomaterial. As any organization grows
and evolves, it will experience change. A critical point has come, and we are presenting this
summary of our strategic objectives to focus efforts to elevate Zenyatta to another level. The
Company will update shareholders on the advancement of these key objectives and look forward to
receiving feedback. We will also communicate additional information on the re- organizing of our
team personnel next week.”

Zenyatta is currently in discussions on a financing related to a use of proceeds to finish the
Albany PFS and provide 12 months of general and administrative costs. The Company is also in
discussion with another unrelated group for additional funding for the completion of Scoping and
Revenue Model studies. It is the intent of the Board that certain terms offered to these investors
would also be offered to existing shareholders. If successful, these financings are arm’s length

The initial scoping study will include a bench-scale conversion of some of our current processed
Albany graphite to graphene in order to capture engineering data with respect to determining costs,
efficiency, quality, yield and scalability. Upon successful completion of this stage, the
subsequent scope of work would lead to a bulk sample and the expanded production of graphene. We
are presently reviewing an experienced external project manager to potentially manage both the PFS
process and the graphene conversion scoping study.

The revenue model study will involve the hiring of dedicated business development professionals to
demonstrate all aspects of the global revenue models for both Albany high-purity carbon and
graphene. This will include the establishment of market channels, strategic partners, financiers
and commercial research partnerships. This will be executed through ZEN-tech Materials, our 100%
owned subsidiary. An external CEO level candidate to lead this
iative is currently being reviewed by the Board.