ZEN Graphene Solutions is a company dedicated to developing new nano-material technologies and composites with its team of researchers and industrial partners. Our market advantage is the unique fine crystalline properties of the source material for graphene production derived from our 100% owned Albany Graphite deposit. Our cutting-edge research is leading to novel inventions which we are protecting with patents with the view to become an Intellectual Property incubator.

The graphene materials produced from our Albany deposit are just 1-4 layers thick, and have very high dispersion qualities – making them ideal for composites like concrete, rubber and plastics. With a very large resource exceeding 1 million tonnes of Albany Graphite material located near infrastructure in Northern Ontario, ZEN is well-positioned to supply the industrial quantities needed to satisfy any market and grow with these markets.

From our Board of Directors, management team, market development team to our research partners, we are driven by a common passion to excel in this nascent industry. Join us on our exciting journey as we move towards new possibilities powered by the new wonder material Graphene!


francis Dr. Francis Dubé, O.D., B.Sc.
CEO, Director & Head of Business 
Development & Technology
Zenyatta Ventures
donald Donald S. Bubar, M.Sc., P.Geo
CEO & Director
Zenyatta Ventures
2018 Corporate Presentation
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